Selecting the Best Red Wine

Selecting good wine can be quite the challenge.

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Selecting a bottle of wine can seem nearly impossible when you’re at the liquor store, in the grocery store, or at a restaurant. There are so many choices, like picking red or white, choosing the type of wine, selecting the year, and pairing the wine with food. Luckily, there are some basic rules that can help you select a bottle of wine for any occasion, for any purpose, and to go with any food.

Going to a sophisticated and formal dining, you should, at least, know what drink goes right with the meal you just ate. Like when going to Amsterdam for first time, with all the fancy restaurants offering many different red wines. Study the basics and follow the wine tasting methods.

Here are some tips for selecting red wine when you intend to pair it with food.


Red Wine Tips

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Tip #1: Pair light reds with light meat and fish. Light red wines generally have an alcohol content below 12.5 percent. They feel light in your mouth as opposed to heavy and thick. Light red wines include pinot noir, schiava, and gamay. These pair well with white meat, carbohydrates, roasted vegetables, and rich fish dishes.

Tip #2: Go for medium reds when you’re eating meats and cheese. Medium bodied-reds feel a little more substantial in your mouth, and they typically have an alcohol content between 12.5 and 13.5 percent. Medium reds are merlot, cabernet, cabernet Franc, and sangiovese. These types of wines go well with a variety of meats, cheeses, and carbohydrates.

Tip #3: Pick full-bodied reds for meats and cheeses. Full-bodied reds feel full and thick in your mouth, and usually have an alcohol content above 13.5 percent. Reds that fall into this category include cabernet sauvignon, rioja, zinfandel, and shiraz. These wines complement a number of foods, including lamb and steak.

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Tip #4: Pair dry reds with pink foods. A dry wine is one that has no sugar left in it, meaning it has no sweetness. Dry red wines, such as merlot, pinot noir, and cabernets, pair well with foods that have a pinkish color, like prawns and shrimp.

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Selecting red wine can put a lot of pressure on you, especially if you’re the one tasked with the selecting. There are times when the wine may not agree with the guests’ palate – but if you remember the above tips, then you won’t have too much of a problem. (Remember that incomparable skill of knowing to choose which offers and coupons for when you shop online. That’s pretty much the same skill.)

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