How to Improve the Winery Experience

The winery experience must always be one of class and elegance.


To have your own winery is perhaps one of the classiest, and most elegant occupations possible. There’s just something undeniably elevating about having your own winery that makes it such an enviable thing to do or to spend your time in. And so, if you’re one of these people who want to take on this occupation of having and maintaining your own winery, you will need some techniques in making the experience worthwhile for everyone.

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This is because, while it might appear to be exciting, it also requires a lot of effort from the owner and manager, in order to make sure that everyone, especially your winery visitors, enjoy their visit and are not bored out of their wits. Let’s say you have this winery in Amsterdam, and there are tourists who happen to be on an Amsterdam holiday. One of the things that they’re looking forward to is a tour in your winery – what are you going to do about that?



Tips for Improving the Winery Experience of Your Customers


First, you need to make sure that when you hire tasting room personnel, those that you do hire are trained well and are knowledgeable (about wines and other related matters, of course). A general knowledge of wine is essential, but they do not need to know absolutely every detail about the wine they are serving. It may definitely help if they are interested or have more of a wine background that can better inform their position, but it is not entirely necessary. Enough information to guide a wine tasting will be enough to satisfy customers, so being able to answer simple questions regarding the quality of taste and what foods or events each wine might be best suited for is crucial.

Second, you also need to master the science of practicing crowd control. There are several options available to you when it comes to crowd control. You can always opt for the “No Vacancy” sign to keep a lid on wine tasting rooms and instead offer samples or other incentives in a nearby gift area or in the main store. Some wineries have been making their wine tasting areas have more of a VIP vibe and make special “reserve rooms” where more expensive wine is sampled and tasted for a bit of a heftier entrance fee. Separating customers by price point can help disperse crowds and help boost sales for your pricier wines.

Third, it would also be good if you make your winery more personable, which basically means try doing away with the numbers game when presenting your wine, and instead, give them a more human feel. Tell a story – where did that wine come from, who had passed it on, from which generation, and many other possible stories that you can tell. Your visitors will definitely thank you for taking the effort to make the wines that they are tasting more accessible to their minds and persons.

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While this is by no means an exhaustive list, it is already a good start for you to act on these three key points in improving the winery experience of your customers (and yours, too).